Some of the ventures undertaken by Hutchison China include:









Telecommunications Sector








Hutchison OPTEL Telecom Technology Company Limited is an equity joint venture between Hutchison China and Chongqing OPTEL. The initial total investment of the joint venture is about USD20M. It specializes in designing and manufacturing of optical transmission equipment including SDH, DWDM and in particular, equipment for the metro multi-service provision platform (MSPP).









Health Care Sector





Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceuticals



Hutchison China partnered with Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Co. Ltd. to form this 50:50 prescription drug joint venture in Shanghai. The initial total investment is HK$210 million.





Hutchison Baiyunshan



Hutchison Baiyunshan is a 50:50 OTC drug joint venture between Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Company Limited and Hutchison China MediTech Limited, a subsidiary of Hutchison China.





Hutchison Healthcare



Hutchison Healthcare is a wholly-owned nutritional supplements company under Hutchison China Group. 






This Health Care sector mainly manufactures and sells two household name brands in the pharmaceutical industry in China, the OTC brand Bai Yun Shan (meaning "White Cloud Mountain", a famous scenic area in Guangzhou) and the Shang Yao brand (literally meaning "Shanghai Pharmaceuticals"). The products have strong representation on the current Medicines Catalogue for the National Basic Medical Insurance, Labour Injury Insurance and Childbirth Insurance Systems ("NMC") as well as the current National Essential Medicines List ("Essential Medicines List") that mandates distribution of drugs in China. The focus is mainly on products and brands that have leadership market shares in the Chinese cough-cold and cardiovascular drug markets.









Distribution and Logistics Sector






Hutchison Whampoa (China) Commerce Limited







Hutchison Whampoa (China) Commerce Limited is a wholly owned company of CK Hutchison Holdings Limited. The company has been dedicated to be the most valuable distributor of fast moving consumer goods aiming to provide quality distribution and logistics services, high-end sales execution services. Its main clients include both international and domestic companies such as Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, L'Oreal, Nestle, Wyeth, Wrigley, Shell, Whitecat and Fu Lin Men. The company operates its business through its headquarter in Guangzhou and the 17 branch offices located at Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Jinan, Chengdu, Xi'an etc. The downstream customers of the company include all the established national key accounts and local key accounts. The hypermarkets and other distribution stores the company covers amounting to more than 156,000 stores, including Carrefour, Lotus, Metro, Tesco, Century Lianhua.




Hutchison Logistics Services Limited    






HWCL is actively participating in the third party logistics business in China through its wholly owned subsidiary Hutchison Logistics Services Ltd ("HLSL").






HLSL is a national logistics provider based in Guangzhou and Shanghai. Through HLSL, HWCL is providing pan-China logistics services to many MNC customers such as Procter & Gamble, Watsons, BMW, Whitecat, ZARA, etc. The range of services includes warehousing, transportation and logistics management.









Consumer Goods Sector






  Procter & Gamble     





Hutchison China disposed all of its interests in Procter Gamble China, a joint venture established with Procter Gamble Group in China for US$2 billion in June 2004. A gain of HK$13.7 billion was realized on this sale.


Hutchison China and Procter & Gamble had together built a very successful business in the manufacturing and distribution of personal care products in China ever since its establishment in 1988.








Aviation Sector






 Guangzhou Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Co Ltd (GAMECO) 






Starting in the eighties, China was importing a rapidly increasing number of western aircraft (Boeing, McDonald Douglas, Airbus) to cope with the expansion of tourism and business travel. However, China did not have the technical capability for maintaining and overhauling these western aircraft. Aircraft maintenance and engineering is a skilled, labour intensive industry. China had a lot of cheap labour but not the skills. Hutchison China saw the huge potential in this opportunity to help CAAC build up a domestic capability to service and overhaul this large fleet of western aircraft, with the prospect that after China developed its skills and qualified work force, it would be able to compete for international airline work with its low cost labour structure.






In 1990, Hutchison China put together a joint venture with Lockheed Martin and China Southern Airline, GAMECO, based in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.






In 2003, Hutchison China bought the 25% shares from Lockheed Martin and became a 50% shareholder of the joint venture.






 China Aircraft Services Limited (CASL) 




Building on the success of GAMECO, Hutchison China again saw an opportunity in Hong Kong for aircraft maintenance. Before the new airport at CLK was opened, Swire-owned HAECO had a virtual monopoly for aircraft maintenance at the former Kai Tak Airport. It charged monopoly prices and made large profits. At the new CLK Airport, the Hong Kong Government decided to introduce competition for providing this service. Hutchison China put together a consortium comprising CNAC, which represented all the Chinese airlines and correspondingly the second largest user of CLK airport, British Airways and United Airways. This grouping gave the consortium 30% share of the Hong Kong aviation maintenance market. Technical know-how was provided by United Airlines and British Airways. The new company is named China Aircraft Services Limited (CASL). It has been an instant success. CASL has provided better service at lower prices than HAECO. In addition to the consortium airlines, CASL has also been able to gain other third party airlines as customers. This successful venture has been in operation since 1998.









Hotel and Tourism Investment Sector











In 1994, when the depressed hotel industry in Beijing was beginning to recover, Hutchison China saw the chance to buy into well known hotels at depressed prices. Hutchison China acquired a 50% stake in the Great Wall Sheraton, Beijing at an attractive price. Building on this success, Hutchison China has helped Hutchison's Harbour Plaza Hotel to build up a chain in China.