Hutchison China has a well-established business infrastructure spread throughout China represented by a network of offices and joint ventures. We have close connections and relationships with top-level provincial, city and local government leaders, built up over 30 years of doing business in China. This strong business and relationship network enables us to add precious value to our partners' businesses.

Hutchison China's Team Expertise

Hutchison China has been actively involved in China for almost 30 years. We have significant operating experience and understand the challenges that growing companies may face in Greater China. Through active participation and partnering, Hutchison China will contribute financial and strategic planning, assist in business development and operations, build government relationships, and staff key management positions to build a qualified management team, in addition to providing trading and distribution expertise.

Hutchison China's Contacts

Each of our partners can also benefit from the sound background and the strong corporate network of our team. They can access financial markets, international industrial markets and technology, and marketing and research agencies.

CK Hutchison Holdings Group

Hutchison China will leverage the synergies and strengths of CK Hutchison Holdings Group businesses and our extensive international corporate network to add value to our partners' businesses.

Synergies among Partners

As the number of cooperative relationships grows, we will concentrate on companies that provide synergies with our other partners. For instance, Hutchison China will build on existing businesses to achieve economies of scale and higher penetration, or perhaps one company can become a supplier or customer of another.


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